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About Us

Front Desk at Heath ScientificWe provide teachers with affordable science supplies. Our fundraising programs also give schools a way to raise money for their science department.

Started by a science teacher and having been in business for over 20 years, we know what tools and supplies teachers need in order to teach science.

Our Philosophy

Three concepts dominate our philosophy at Heath Scientific.  Observational skills, thinking skills and creating an environment that encourages students to ask questions.  We always believe that "a child looks at life with his hands."  With that in mind, our family has sought out materials and learning activities that are stimulating and scientific.  We have also developed kits with these same three beliefs in mind.  We want the child to observe, to think and then ask questions. At this time, the educator has the opportunity to teach


Science Fundraising was created to promote science education, provide interesting products and to offer a source of funds that will allow organizations to continue current programs or develop new and exciting options for the advancement of science. As educators and parents, we understand the need for and inconvenience of fundraisers. We have created a low pressure and low maintenance option for accomplishing your organization’s fundraising needs. Friends and family can purchase gifts, toys and science experiments and a percentage of every sale is forwarded to the organization you are supporting. If desired, can be a source of funds for the entire year.

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