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Fascinating Science Combo Pack

Explore the fun side of science with this super combo pack!
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific


This combo pack includes 1 each of the following items: Warblettes, hand boiler, growing pet, buzz magnet, nose pencil sharpener, elephant pencil sharpener, hatch'em pet, touchable bubbles and balancing bird.

Warblettes are a water absorbent polymer which come in 5 colors.

Gently wrap your hand around the hand boiler and watch the colored liquid appear to boil. Is the liquid really boiling?

The growing pet and hatch'em pet just need water to grow. Multiple varieties available.

Touchable bubble harden when they are exposed to the air and can be "caught" with your hand.

Hold the buzz magnets apart, throw them in the air and listen to the song they sing.

The Mars Mud is a squeezable goo and the balancing bird will stand on its nose and appear to fly.

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