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Carbon Cycle Model

Demonstrate the carbon cycle.
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific


Demonstrate the carbon cycle in a single class period. Contains instruction booklet, carbon cycle diagram, indicator solution, pump, tubing, pipets and beaker. The indicator solution will change colors representing the presence of carbon dioxide and return to its original color when the carbon dioxide has been removed. Complete the entire cycle and lesson in one class period.

The Carbon Cycle

Carbon is released into the environment in many ways. Animals and plants respire, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Animals release solid waste products into the soil and water. Also, leaves, roots, wood and dead animals decay. Finally, the burning of fossil fuels and wood release stored carbon into the atmosphere.

The carbon that is released into the environment, is used by many plants and animals. This is the part of the carbon cycle that removes carbon from the atmosphere. Plants and algae take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Many sea creatures take in carbon when making shells and bones. When these animals die and sink to the ocean floor, this carbon is stored for some time.

The Ocean’s Role

The majority of photosynthesis  occurs in the oceans by algae and phytoplankton. Also, due to the large surface area of the oceans , carbon dioxide diffuses in and out in an attempt to equalize.

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