Started by a School Science Teacher
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Binocular Student Microscope

10X Eyepieces allows 40X-400X magnification
Manufacturer: C & A Scientific


The Premire brand Binocular Student Microscope is for the serious high school or college level scientist. The microscope is equipped with a mechanical stage which allows smooth and easy adjustment of slides left/right or backward/forward during observation. Includes coarse and fine adjustment.


4X, 10X, 40X DIN objectives provide 40X-400X magnification

Mechanical Stage

2 - 10X eyepieces

Upper and Lower LED Light sources

Condenser with iris diaphragm

Built in rechargeable battery

Detachable AC adapter cord

Microscopes normally ship in 6-10 days. If the item is needed sooner, please contact to confirm immediate availability.

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