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Glitter Tattoo Kits

Variety of kits that include enough supply for 15 glitter tattoos.
Manufacturer: Glimmer Body Art

Picture of Princess
15 stencils including flowers, hearts, crowns, unicorn, stars, slipper...
Picture of Spooky
15 stencils including skull, bats, ghost, spider, witch, evil heart...
Picture of Glam Rock
Glam Rock
15 stencils including lightening, star, music note, peace sign, microphone, feather, guitar...
Picture of Party
15 stencils including a heart, rainbow, horse, dolphin, cupcake, butterfly...
Picture of Ocean
15 ocean themed stencils including dolphin, sea horse, turtle, alligator, whale, and more...
Picture of Safari
15 different tattoos including penguins, elephant, bear, lion, hippo, swan, turtle, eagle, and more...
The Wild
15 stencils including various animals and critters.

These "do-it-yourself" tattoo kits are the best on the market. US dermatologist tested. Each kit includes the following:

2 - Brushes


4 - Colored Glitter

15 - Self Adhesive Stencils

Using this high quality body glue, these tattoos stay on for 7-10 days. Give as gifts or use to give party goers something to remember.

There are several kits available:

Princess - Includes stencils, such as, hearts, stars, crown, diamond, magic wand and others.

Glam Rock - Includes stencils to make guitar, feather, peace sign, stars, heart, kiss and skull/crossbone tattoos.

Spooky - Includes stencils to make spider, skull, cat, bats, witch and dragon tattoos.

Party - Includes stencils to make cupcake, dolphin, frog, heart, dragon, flower and butterfly tattoos.

Safari - Includes 15 animal stencils

Ocean - Includes 15 sealife stencils

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