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Polymer Packet

Variety of polymers with different physical properties.
Manufacturer: DuneCraft

Picture of Super Snow
Super Snow
Add water to create what looks like snow. No stirring required, grows 200x its size, makes 1 Quart of Snow.
Picture of Space Sand
Space Sand
Also called magic sand, this sand won't get wet. Submerge it in water and it will come out dry.
Picture of Neon Space Sand
Neon Space Sand
Also called magic sand, this neon sand refuses to get wet. Dump water on it, remove it with a spoon and it will emerge dry.
Picture of Slippery Spheres
Slippery Spheres
Grow in water, slippery when wet.
Picture of Silly Squares
Silly Squares
Super absorbant squares grow over 100x their size in water.
Picture of Green Snotty Slime
Green Snotty Slime
Make green, orange, or yellow boogers. To make it just: Add water to the polymer, some coloring (provided), and stir.

Choose from water absorbent and water repellent polymers. Each polymer is blister packed with instructions on back. 

A polymer is a high molar-mass molecule with a large number of repeating units. Polymers can be naturally ocurring or synthetic.

Naturally occuring polymers include polysaccharides (starch, chitin and cellulose). Starch and cellulose are both made of glucose molecules. Chitin is found in the exoskeletons of crawfish, shrimp, lobsters and crabs. Chitin is hard and insoluble, while remaining flexible. Man has tried to reproduce these characteristics in the lab but have been unsuccessful. Another naturally occurring polymer is protein. Proteins are chains of amino acids.

Synthetic polymers include plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene, nylon and polystyrene. PVC is used to make vinyl siding, plumbing pipe and shower curtains. Polypropylene products include plastic cups, packing materials and carpet. Nylon was created as a sythetic replacement for silk.

Choose from:

  • Slippery Spheres
  • Silly Squares
  • Space Sand
  • Neon Space Sand
  • Super Snow
  • Green Snotty Slime

Note: the Water Balz product has been recalled and will no longer be sold.

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