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Bacteria Growing Kit. Everything you need to collect and grow bacteria.
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific

Small Kit
Home school size bacteria growing kit. Enough for 3 cultures. Includes food for bacteria, 3 petri dishes, swabs for collecting samples, hand held magnifier, and directions.
Basic Kit
Grow bacteria on 10 petri dishes. Includes easy to prepare nutrient agar, 10 petri dishes, sterile swabs for collecting bacteria, hand held magnifier, and instructions.
With Bacteria
Everything in the basic kit with the addition of bacteria.

Basic Kit

This kit contains nutrient agar, 10 petri dishes, sterile swabs, 1 hand lens and detailed instructions. Test the cleanliness of various surfaces. Great for science fair projects. Has unlimited applications. Enough supplies to make 10 agar plates.

The sterile agar comes in a glass bottle. Microwave or boil on the stove to melt the agar. If using the microwave, loosen the lid (1/2 turn) and place in the microwave. Heat in 30 second intervals as the agar may boil over. The jar will obvioulsy get hot, so use a cloth or pot holder to manipulate. Hold the jar and swirl after each 30 sec interval until completely melted. Allow the jar to cool before pouring the plates. You should be able to hold the jar in our bare hand.

If using a stove top, lossen the lid (1/2 turn), place in pot of water and bring the water to a boil. Allow the agar to melt completely. Then, leave the jar in the water, allwing the water to slowly cool. When the jar has cooled enough to hold in your hand (still warm), it is time to pour the plates.

When pouring the plates, lift the lid of the dish, keeping it over the base. Pour the agar into the plate until 3/4 of the plate is covered with agar and 1/4 is still "dry". Replace the lid with one hand and swirl gently until the entire bottom of the dish is covered. Repeat until all of the plates are poured.

With Bacteria Kit

This kit includes the Basic Unseen World Kit which has materials for pouring 10 agar plates. In addition to the agar plates, this kit includes a bacteria culture that can be used to innoculate the plates for various studies. Also includes sterile swabs for innoculating the plates and instructions.

Small Kit

Enough materials for 3 petri dishes.

About The Unseen World

All living organisms require energy. They can get their energy from multiple sources: organic chemicals(carbon containing compounds), inorganic chemicals and light. Bacteria use organic chemicals, such as, sugars, starch, protiens and fats to grow. Bacteria are called heterotrophs.

Most bacteria grow best at normal, human body temperature (98-99 degrees F). When growing the bacteria, incubate at a temperature as close to this as possible. The bacteria will grow slower at lower temperatures.

Aseptic technique is the process of growing and transferring bacteria without contaminating the culture by touching or breathing on the sample.

Nutrient agar is a general purpose prepared media and grows many types of bacteria and fungi. If you have a specific bacteria culture, you can spread the bacteria on the plate using a sterile swab or innoculating loop. The bacteria will grow and become visible in 24-48 hrs. If you would like to determine the types of bacteria growing on a sink, chair, table or other areas, a sterile swab can be used to rub across the area you would like to test. After the sample is taken, you can transfer the bacteria to the nutrient agar plate by swiping the swab across the surface of the agar plate. After 24-48 hrs, you may find many, different looking colonies growing on the nutrient agar plate. Each type of bacteria look a little different (color, shape, size) when they grow.

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