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T3 Transforming Solar Robot

Robot you can transform. Movement powered by solar energy.
Manufacturer: OWI
Retail Price: $21.95


With this kit you'll be able to build a robot that can be rearranged into 3 different forms.

Tank - Moves the fastest and its cannon's barrel can be positioned at different angles.

Scorpion  - Slowest moving, but its claws move up and down as it walks. You can change how open/closed the claws are.

Robot - Just a cool looking robot that can walk and have its arms moved in different positions.

The kit includes all the material you'll need. Some tools you'll need are:

Screwdriver - for 2 screws that attach the arm sockets.

Diagonal Cutters - you can use sharp scissors instead of diagonal cutters if you need to.  The cutters can be used to seperate the pieces from the packaging. However, most pieces can be removed by wiggling them back and forth until they break away.  Its important to remove excess plastic pieces as it can easily hinder the movement of the robot.  When we built the kit, we only needed the cutters ~10 times; most pieces broke away very clean and only a few needed the excess plastic bumps removed.

You have to manually change the robot into its different forms; once its in a mode, solar power is used to make it move forward.

Changing Modes - Once you have the basic pieces put together, you'll have to choose which of the 3 modes you want to make.  First time changing a mode can be tedious, but after a couple times it becomes really easy.  The manual that comes with the kit has the step-by-step process for changing modes.

Common Problems - a small amount of excess plastic can cause the movement to stall; if you find that the robot seems to stop at the same point in the rotation, you'll most likely need to shave off the excess plastic left over when that piece was removed from the packaging.  Also, there are knock offs of this product out there (mostly from china), for quality, make sure you buy it from a reputable owi reseller in the US.

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my kid couldn't wait for morning
we built this in the evening, the sun had already gone done, my boy actually went to bed early- on his own! just so he could play with it first thing in the morning.
| Date: 4/12/2013 5:08 PM
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