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Mini Wind Turbine Kit

Explore wind energy with this complete kit
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific


The MINI turbines are great for getting started in wind energy exploration and demonstration. These units stand about 14 inches tall and have a base 7 inches square. Each MINI comes in a customized box for easy unpacking and storage! The MINI is perfect for demonstrating how a wind turbine generates electricity.

The MINI is easy to build and, using the included blade set, will easily produce enough electricity to power LED bulbs, a small power output board that plays music, and other small load devices.

With the MINI Blade Design you will also be able to use your turbine to make and test blades that you construct yourself. Be a blade engineer and see what happens to wind turbine power output when you change the number, pitch and shape of wind turbine blades. Keep in mind that your blades will have to be small as the MINI only stands 12 inches tall.

Want something BIGGER? Check out the Basic Turbine.

The MINI Complete is the whole package! You can generate you own electricity with the included blade set, make and test your own blades and finally convert your MINI into a small weightlifter turbine that allows you to explore how wind energy was used in the past.

The interest in renewable energy has increased greatly. The US currently produces enough wind energy to power 14 million homes. Approximately 2% of our energy comes from wnd, which is double from just 3 years ago. many beleive that in 2030, 15-20% of our energy will come from wind.

The reason for the growth is partially associated with new government regulations concerning our impact on the environment. Federal and local governments are receiving pressure from voters to find alternative sources. Experts believe that if the 2030 scenerio occurs, we would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7600 metric tons and create 200,000 jobs.

Windmills have been around for centuries to pump water and grind seeds into grain. A wind turbine is an advancement that turns an electrical generator. The force of the wind, turns the blades. the rotor turns and spins a driveshaft that is connected to an generator. the generator converts this mechanical energy in to electrical energy.

There are several variables that determine the amount of energy produced: wind speed, diameter of the rotor, density of the air, and efficiency of the turbine.

A great product for teaching wind power concepts is the Basic Turbine. The Basic Turbine is a great start for teaching about wind energy in the classroom. Visit to purchase this item. This is the most affordable and robust wind turbine kit on the market. Design blades and test your power output with a multimeter, LED bulbs, or an ultra capacitor.

The instructions that are included will show you how to build this PVC turbine, how to make blades for your wind turbine, how to use a multimeter to record electrical data and will discuss some basic wind energy science.