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Magic Sand

Hydrophobic sand stays dry underwater!
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific

Picture of Small Regular
Small Regular
56 grams of prepackaged sand
Picture of Small Neon
Small Neon
56 grams of neon sand
Large Pink
1 pound of pink sand
Large Blue
1 pound of blue sand

Hydrophobic Sand - This polymer coated sand repels water molecules and stays dry while submerged in water.  This amazing sand will not get wet—dump it in a glass of water, remove it with a spoon, and it will emerge completely dry! There are plenty of fun experiments you can try with it and it's completely reusable.

The sand can be purchased in 2 sizes, 56 grams or 1 pound. The smaller size is prepackaged and is available in regular and neon. The 1 pound size is available in blue or pink.

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