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Land Snails

6 live snails. Only available in Texas
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific


Kingdom Animalia - Phylum Mollusca. Each order includes 6 snails.

Can only be shipped within Texas.

The Land Snail travels about by gliding on a muscular structure on the bottom of the abdomen, called the foot. You and your students will be amazed by how far snails can travel when your back is turned for what you think is just a moment. A determined snail can easily cover a meter in 5 minutes, so in the course of an evening a snail can travel the length of a football field and back. Generally, live animals will be shipped 7-10 days after receipt of the order.

If you need immediate shipping, please call or email. We do not ship live animals over the weekend. If you need the live animals at a certain time, please call or email to verify availability and possible express shipping charges.

We are unable to ship this item out of the state of Texas.

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