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Juiced Electricity Kit

Make your own electricity with lemon juice!
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific


Can you create an electric current with lemon juice? Ask the question, which household liquid is the best electolyte. Kit Contains: beaker x 1, zinc and copper electrodes, wires with alligator clips x 2, electric meter, pipettes. Students should ask their parents before testing liquids. You will need some distilled water to complete the experiment.

What is a wet cell battery?

The zinc electrode will represent the negatively charged electrode (more electrons) and the copper electrode will act as the positively charge electrode. The two electrodes have a "potential difference". As a result, the electricity will flow from the zinc electrode to the copper electrode. Different electrolytes...i.e. lemon juice...will cause the electricity to conduct through the water at different rates. Once the difference in electrons at the two electrodes is gone (equilibrium), the electrons will stop flowing and the electrical current will cease.

What is an electrolyte?

An electrolyte is any substance with ions that acts as a conductive medium.

What is voltage?

Voltage is the speed at which electricity moves.

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