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Gold Mining Kit

Fool's Gold nuggets buried in plaster block.
Manufacturer: 4M


Have lots of fun mining and excavating your very own pyrite nuggets! Dig and excavate the natural pyrite nuggets, nicknamed "Fools Gold" for it's shiny yellowish appearance (it has fooled many a amateur prospector!)- it looks like real gold! Study the pyrite with a magnifying glass, mount them on the authenticity certificate or put them inside a treasure pouch and send it as a gift. It's a fun geological excavation kit! Includes 1x plaster block with 6x pyrite nuggets buried, 1x special digging tool, 1x brush for detailed work, 1x magnifier for studying the nuggets, 2x certificates of authenticity with transparent case covers, 1x pouch bag and 1x set of detailed instructions with fun facts. Pyrite nuggets dug out from the kit are natural. Colour and size specifications may vary to the illustrations shown on the package.

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