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Live earthworms

12 live, segmented earthworms
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific


Kingdom Animalia - Phylum Annelida Earthworms or Segmented Worms;are fairly simple life-forms, put together from a number of disk like segments stuck together like a long flexible roll of coins. Earthworms have no internal skeleton like a fish, no hard protective skeleton like an insect, and no shell into which they can withdraw. Worms are flexible, elongated bundles of muscle, uniquely suited for life underground. Generally, live animals will be shipped 7-10 days after receipt of the order. If you need immediate shipping, please call or email. We do not ship live animals over the weekend. If you need the live animals at a certain time, please call or email to verify availability and possible express shipping charges. If you are out of the state of Texas, we will ship overnight or 2nd day, so please select the out-of-state shipping charge when checking out.

Segmented earthworms are also known as "Cold Worms"

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