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Desert Millipede

Live, easy-to-handle desert millipede, singles or 10 pack.
Manufacturer: Heath Scientific

One 2-4 inch desert millipede.
10 Pack
This item includes 10, live, native specimens ranging 2-4 inches in length.
Retail Price: $59.50

Native millipede. 3-4 in length. Temperature - 72-88F Light Requirements - Indirect Sunlight (Classroom lighting) Mostly nocturnal, but may be active early morning and late evenings. Feeding - Prepared invertebrate diet, fresh fruits and vegetables. Habitat - Lives in forests and can stand hot temperatures but lives in a humid, moist environment. Handling - Easy to handle but may be killed by dropping. They do NOT bite.

If the millipede rolls up into a ball, place into bowl of water and they will become active. Wash hands before and after handling. Care - Keep fresh food and water in cage. Don’t keep them in direct sunlight to avoid overheating.


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