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C & A Scientific

C & A Scientific provides science equipment including microscopes.

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Binocular Student Microscope

10X Eyepieces allows 40X-400X magnification

Deluxe Hot plate

Stainless Steel with 7.8" X 6" heating surface

Deluxe Hot plate/Stirrer

6" working surface with stirrer

Digital Student Microscope

10X Eyepiece allows 40X-400X magnification, plugs into your computer.

Micro Wiz Microscope

Multi-use microscope that plugs into your computer.

My First Lab Ultimate Microscope

10X Eyepiece allows 40X-400X magnification

Premiere Compound Microscope

up to 400x magnification

Stereo Dissecting Microscope

Dual eyepiece microscope with 10X-30X or 20X-40X magnification

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Microscopes starting at $79.95