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Marshmallow Fun Company

The shooter works with continuous pumping action and does not shoot one at a time with one pump of the chamber.  The marshmallows must be fresh as it is compressed together and then regains its shape as it shoots.  If the marshmallows are not fresh then it sticks to itself and therefore does not shoot.  We do not recommend putting them in the freezer or refrigerator or leaving them out to dry out as this causes them to hold moisture inside and stick together.  Another helpful hint is to put a small amount of cooking oil on a q-tip and put it


You can view learn more about the Marshmallow Fun Company at their website:

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Marshmallow CL Blaster

Shoots up to 40 feet.

Marshmallow CL Blower

Shoots up to 20 feet.

Marshmallow CL Crossbow

Shoots up to 30 feet.

Marshmallow CL Shooter

Shoots up to 30 feet. Holds 25 mini-marshmallows.

Marshmallow CL Straight Shooter

Shoots mini marshmallows

Marshmallow CL Stryker

Shoots upto 20 feet. Holds 11 mini-marshmallows.

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