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Pellets, tools, and guides to dissect and study owl pellets. Perfect for your classroom.
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Bone Sorting Sheets

Owl Pellet drawings to identifying bones.

Owl Pellet Kit

Kit includes 2 owl pellets, bamboo probe, plastic forceps, gloves and instructions.

Owl Pellet Student Kit

2 owl pellets, 2 bamboo probes, magnifying lens, forceps, and student owl pellet guide.

Owl Pellet Teacher Kit

12 Owl Pellets, 1 teacher guide, 24 worksheets, 24 probes, and 3 transparencies.

Owl Pellet Teacher's Guide

Includes teaching objectives, methods, reference materials, and worksheets with detailed information about owls and their pellets.

Owl Pellets

Sterilized owl pellets
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